Lane 8 BMX Podcast: Tommy Brackens, the “Human Dragster”

Tommy Brackens was born and raised in South Central LA. His first race was as a 16 and over novice at the Valley Youth Center in 1978. Tommy got second in his first race. Tommy says he got good quickly when it came to racing. Here’s the thing…Tommy had a very short amateur career. His amateur career only last two and a half years and then he went pro. It was a fight for Brackens to turn pro. His sponsor at the time wanted him to stay amateur. Tommy’s first pro race he got second. He raced A pro for a short time. He was winning so much they bumped him up to AA pro. In 1984 Brackens earned national number three as a pro with the NBL. IN 1986 he won the IBMXF World Championship and earned national number two in the pro class the same year. He would go on to earn the nickname the “Human Dragster” because of his speed. During his career Brackens would ride for some iconic teams like Powerlite, Torker to GT. He retired in 1990 and started Brackens Racing Products. Today Tommy Brackens is living his best life in Georgia.

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