USA BMX Expands Commitment to Development of New BMX Tracks and Membership

Long-Time Track Builder and Track Operator, Lance Maguire, to Take the Lead in USA BMX’s New Track Development Gilbert, Ariz. – USA BMX is proud to announce the addition of long-time track operator and track builder, Lance Maguire who will spearhead the efforts and execution of new track development across the United States and Canada. For the last 20 years, Maguire has successfully lead track operations for multiple outdoor and indoor tracks.
Additionally, in 2011, Maguire founded Dirt Trendz – a track building, rebuilding and servicing company now responsible for building more than 225 tracks in the U.S. and Canada.

“New track development is something we are extremely passionate about as it truly is the key to exposing our sport to new markets and potential BMXers,” said John David, USA BMX Chief Operating Officer. “We are very fortunate to have Lance join our team as he has an extremely unique skill set. From a hands-on perspective, he knows what it takes to operate a successful race program and has a complete understanding of constructing a new BMX facility. We are thrilled to be able to share this knowledge with those interested in building new BMX tracks.”

Regarding his new role, Maguire said: “I have prided myself on being a foundation and house builder in more ways than one. Creating strong foundations for BMX communities is no different, and it is always a priority when building tracks to give people the opportunity to start down the right path, or track! Now with USA BMX, I will collaborate on the same mission of building up the grassroots level of our sport on the best tracks we can build.”

For more information on USA BMX or to find a track near you, check out our website at To contact Lance Maguire for assistance in building a new BMX track for your community, email him at:

All info from USA BMX.

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