BMX Canada – Harbour City Nationals

July 27th – 29th, 2018

Nanaimo Bmx Track
2200 Labieux Rd, Nanaimo, British Columbia V9T 6J9


Stop No.5 for the 2018 BMX Canada National series.

Riders!!!! Tomorrow it begins hope you’re ready. It is going to be awesome!

Copied from Nanaimo BMX

There are usually a ton of questions that people have in regards to a BMX National. It does not matter if you have never been to one or this will be your 50th one… Check this out!

1. TRACK CLOSED… the track will be closed to ‘general’ free riding from Thursday at 12noon until Sunday afternoon. The track will be set up for our event and will have security patrolling the grounds.

Along with their regular amazing menu, the concession will feature the following:

Thursday – Race for Life – PIZZA

Friday Lunch – Taco Boxes
Friday Dinner – Nesvogs Pulled
Pork sandwiches with coleslaw.

Saturday – Breakfast – Pancake Breakfast
Lunch – Local Wild Salmon BBQ with corn on the cob and Caesar Salad DONATED BY SEA SOIL!!!! Thank you!!!

Sunday – Breakfast – Eggwiches
Lunch – BBQ Burgers & Dogs

3. PARKING… Please refer to the map as the parking will be different from a regular race night. There will be a combination of paid parking and free parking. Please see picture posted below.

4. CAMPING… Sorry, absolutely NO overnight camping (City of Nanaimo Bylaw)

Anyone, 1/2 tracker and up (Novice, Inter, Expert) can ride. You DO NOT need to qualify to ride at a National. You can choose to ride just one of the days or all three. It’s up to you!

6. PRACTICE… Practice is different from a regular race night. It is broken up into specific age groups and times. Please see the practice schedule. We are very strict with regards to times of practice. If it’s not your practice time, you can’t be out there. No practice on Sunday!

7. START TIMES… We stick to the scheduled start times.
Friday Race starts promptly at 3:00
Saturday Race starts promptly at 11:30am
Sunday Race starts promptly at 8:00am.

8. REGISTRATION.. You can register on line at… until Tuesday and then you can register at the motto shed.
Friday Registration – 11:00am – 2:00pm
Saturday Registration – 8:30am – 10:00am
Sunday Registration – Sorry, there is none! You have to register on Friday or Saturday.

*Sorry no late registrations! You can register on Friday for all 3 days if you like!

9. SPECTATORS.. Spectators are always free! Feel free to bring chairs and a pop up tent.

10. BEER GARDEN.. We will be hosting a beer garden this year. Remember to drink RESPONSIBLY and no minors allowed in the fenced off area.

11. RIDERS NEED TO BE READY.. During a National the gate will not be held for riders that are off at the pump track playing around. Riders must be in staging and ready. Please respect the stagers and listen to instructions.

12. TRACK OFFICIALS.. BMX Canada runs a specific National crew at these events. You will know us by our BMX Canada shirts. Feel free to ask us any questions throughout the weekend.

13. WHO IS RACING? There will be riders from all across Canada and the United States coming to race this event.

14. HAVE FUN! .. There is NOTHING like the atmosphere of a National. Even if you do not intend on racing, still stop by and check out the racing action. It is incredible!

15. BMX CANADA PRO’s…. We will be featuring some of our Canadian BMX Pro’s and they will be competing. Come and check out our home town favourites and cheer them on!

16. THE OTHER QUESTIONS… We have not answered every question, so if you have a question to ask, make sure you ask it, as others will be wondering the same thing.

City – Mileage – Drive Time
• Portland, OR – 366 – 7 hrs. 41 min
• Medford, OR – 639 – 12 hrs. 19 min
• Seattle, WA – 193 – 4 hrs. 53 min
• Olympia, WA – 253 – 6 hrs. 4 min
• Boise, ID – 691 – 12 hrs. 56 min
• Spokane, WA – 465 – 8 hrs. 55 min
• Vancouver, BC – 54 – 2 hrs. 14 min
• Whistler, BC – 106 – 3 hrs. 5 min

Google Directions

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