Mariana Pajón: Olympic athletes interviewed Episode 10 / “Dream big, work hard, believe you can…”

Double Olympic Champion Mariana Pajón shares the story how she experienced an injury early in her career and was told never to be able to ride a bike again. Despite all odds she found a way to come back from that injury and ultimately claim the Olympic titles and world champion titles.
Having won everything she could possibly win in her sport, Mariana also outlines how she stays motivated, and why she stays motivated.
In this interview Mariana shares
• Her darkest moment 00:01:15
• Her best moment 00:03:04
• What advice would she give her younger self 00:04:44
• What are the habits that make Mariana Pajón a successful athlete and successful person 00:06:25
• Her morning routine 00:09:08
• How she prepares for important moments 00:11:13
• How does she overcome setbacks 00:13:54
• Who her role model is 00:19:05
• The best advice she has received, and who gave it to her 00:20:18
• How does a typical training day look for her 00:21:40
• Who Mariana nominates to be interviewed 00:23:08
• Where can you find more about Mariana Pajón 00:23:32

Summary of the interview:

Mariana Pajón is a double Olympic gold medalist and World Champion in BMX. The 27 year old Colombian athlete earned the nickname “Queen of BMX” based on her Olympic and World Championship wins.

Mariana has various habits that have contributed to her being the world-class athlete she is today. She admits that dedication, being responsible and working hard for what she wants are things she believe in. She had been training every day since she was 9 years old, and at age 12 she was training twice each day, before and after school. She admits that she worked twice as hard for the 2016 Rio Olympics than she did for the previous one, and her hard work certainly paid off

She also has a great family support. Mariana recalls that the best advice she received was from her mom when she was 9 years and old and was about to get into BMX riding. Her mom told her that doing her best was more important than winning, and that she was not to only focus on beating others but on beating herself by doing the best she could.

The double Olympic champion has faced setbacks in her sports career, but she views them as challenges that she has to overcome. She recalls one of her darkest moment being in 2008 when she suffered a terrible wrist injury, doctors told her to give up her sport and that she might not be able to open a door let alone ride a bike. However, six months later Mariana was back on her bike and competing in races.

One of Marina’s best moments in her life was winning the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. She had never even won a World Cup title before that and so no one in the BMX world was looking at her to be a contender for the gold medal. She was also the flag bearer for her country, and Mariana said she felt that she had won two medals – first by winning the vote to be the flag bearer and then winning gold in her event.

Mariana emits a positive and happy vibe which she credits to being grateful for her family, country, and grateful for being able to call her passion her work. Mariana Pajón is indeed the living manifestation of her quote, “the future belongs to those who in believe in their dreams.”

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