Sam Willoughby: Olympic athletes interviewed Episode 16 / “Smell the roses a bit more!”

Silver Medalist 2012 and Olympian 2016 Sam Willoughby reveals how he went from his worst moment of making a mistake in the Olympic final 2016 to an even worse moment of having an accident which was diagnosed of him forever being paralyzed.

Sam outlines how he approached his BMX career and life, as well as

• His darkest moment
• His best moment
• What advice would Sam Willoughby give his younger self
• What are the habits that make him a successful athlete or person
• His morning routine
• How does Sam Willoughby prepare for important moments
• How does he overcome setbacks
• Who is his role model
• What is the best advice he has received, and who gave it to him
• How does a typical training day look

Categories: Racing

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