USA BMX: Oregon – 39th Annual Governor’s Cup

We have some exciting news to share with you all!

Emerald Valley BMX will be hosting our 39th Annual Governor’s Cup Race this year!

What is Governor’s Cup you ask?

The Governor’s Cup was started in the early 80’s by a core group of families who wanted to have a national. Unfortunately at the time, the ABA was not going to give Oregon a National so the families decided to start their own series and with huge support from the current Governor at the time, they began the series know as the Governor’s Cup! Gov Cup has gone on strong every year for 38 years until Covid hit! However, it’s back on and we are ready!

How does it normally work?

The Gov Cup series is ran using approximately 3-5 tracks and their designated State Qualifiers. It’s a mad dash from track to track and it all happens in one weekend. The finale is held at Emerald Valley BMX where the finishes from each track are then tallied. The top point winner from each class from all the races combined wins the Prestigious Gold Cup!

Well this year we are making it just a pinch harder to be the best of the best!

It was decided that ALL race tracks in Oregon will be in the Gov Cup Series this year! However, all you have to do is be the top points winner in 6 of the 10 races plus the final at Emerald Valley BMX to Win the Governor’s Cup! Oh but that is not all…. If you race all 10 tracks, you can qualify for 50% off the final race in Eugene! We will also award your dedication with not only a discount but also an awesome T-shirt to commemorate the accomplishment!

So be ready as the first race to enter is approaching fast!

Each State Qualifier will be in the Governor’s Cup, starting with Bend coming up on June 12th. All tracks and their State Qualifiers are in the hunt with the final and award ceremony to be held September 11th at Emerald Valley BMX’s Pre-State Race!

We cannot wait! Governor’s Cup is a huge tradition and one we wanted to start back up with a bang!

So are you ready to hit the road and race for the Governor’s Cup?

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ATTENTION: All dates may be revised or cancelled in the future due to the Covid19 pandemic. Please check out the USABMX or host track website(s) & social media for the most current information. It is your responsibility to check out these resources before planning for a posted race.

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