USA BMX: Rule Changes 2022

Thomas Bertram Lance (Bert Lance) may have first used the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” back in 1977 while working for the Carter Administration, but it still rings true today. Coming off the heels of an unprecedented year of growth for USA BMX, capped off by a record-setting 956 motos at the Grands, there weren’t many rule change suggestions that were debated.
While the growth of USA BMX on the heels of a global pandemic is impressive, even more impressive is the rate of growth for females in BMX. Over the last 10 years, the number of females in the sport has increased by 277%. As a result of this growth, and the sheer size of some of the Expert Women age groups, USA BMX is excited to expand the National Age Group number plate rankings to the Top-15 Expert Women. And, if 2022 continues to show the same trends, we could be looking to break up the older age groups for the 20” classes for both men & women by 2023 – as both of those classes continue to increase rider count.
Finally, a rider will need a minimum of six (6) NAG scores heading into the Grands to be eligible for a US NAG ranking, while eight (8) NAG scores will remain the maximum.

Despite the rulebook not seeing many changes, the Race Manager software that tracks use will get another major update heading into 2022. Boasting a more robust database platform, the new version will also look to streamline the process of moving data between the local tracks and the sanction. Tracks that have the Sqorz timing system will see integration of timing within the Race Manager program, allowing for easier setup and matching transponders with the appropriate riders. If a rider purchases a transponder that gets entered into Race Manager, it will be imported into the office to be included in the next Rider Update for tracks to download.

There may be no races happening right now, but we’ve been busy preparing for the best season ever in 2022. If you are headed to Vegas for the kickoff to the 2022 National Series, don’t forget to bring your masks to mask up. See you at the track.

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