Something for the Toddlers of BMX: Brecky Breck Field Trips For Kids ~ BMX & Pumptrack.

☀️ BMX BIKES | Riding Bicycles & The Bike Song For Kids | Season 2 Brecky Breck Field Trips For Kids | Featuring Cash Coleman

In this episode, Brecky Breck learns about BMX bikes and even races around the track with a few special guests! Trying new things can be a little scary, but with awesome friends, and a beautiful BMX track, located in Port Angeles, WA, she enjoyed building her confidence!

Special thank you to Lincoln BMX bike park, Sean, Cash, Miles, Briar, Maverick, and Greta for making this a memorable episode!

The “Bike Song” was written by Blake and Christina Barnes (Brecky Breck’s big brother and sister-in-law).

🌟 BIKES ON A PUMP TRACK | Bike Tricks and The Bike Song For Kids | Brecky Breck Adventures For Kids | Featuring Kialani Hines

Pump tracks are SO AWESOME! Because pump tracks are made with asphalt, they are super smooth and designed to help build momentum through an up-down motion on a bike!

So in this episode, we get to learn all about the brand new Port Angeles Pumptrack in Port Angeles, Washington!

We even get to meet the professional MTB rider, Kialani Hines, and our good friend, Cash Coleman (from the BMX episode) there to show us how to ride! They are SO TALENTED! It was so much fun learning from them and watching them ride the track so smoothly! I had a lot of fun trying it myself too!

Trying new things can be scary sometimes, but if you take up the adventure one step at a time, you’ll be surprised and proud of yourself for trying!

I hope you enjoy this fun pump track episode brought to you by the community of Port Angeles and Velosolutions!

Thank you so much, Kialani, Cash, and The City of Port Angeles for letting me come explore your new pump track! What an awesome community feature!

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