Lane 8 BMX podcast: Dale Holmes, World Champion and historian

Dale Holmes started racing in 1982. His first race was at the Nottingham Outlaws BMX Track. Locally and regionally he got into the top 3. 1985 he got his first national win at 13 years old. England is such a small country but Dale says there were a lot of tracks all over the place. His training program when he was young consisted of riding a lot at the track and racing. The system paid off because he won British Championships, National number 1’s and nationals throughout the country. At 16 he turned pro in the superclass. In 1990 Dale came to America to race in Florida. It took several more trips and around 1996 to make a full commitment to live in the states. He chose California for is base.

Dale credits Christoph Leveque and Dave Cullinan with showing him how to train. Dale career was long and fruitful. He won 2 world titles, European title plus a World Cup title. He retired from elite racing in 2006. He jumped into MTBing for a year but went back to race Vet Pro.

Currently Dale has been running his “BMX Pro for a week summer camps,” for 9 years now. He’s even started a clothing company called “Divide.”

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