Chehalem Valley BMX – State Championship Qualifier Race

CVBMX State Championship Race details

Chehalem Valley BMX OR01
Newberg, OR 97035
Google Maps

Instagram: @chehalemvalleybmx

We’ll run our SCR on Saturday 7/25. $25/bike

The race will run in block format based on proficiency. The blocks will be announced after registration is closed and motos have been printed. We’ll run the blocks in the following order:
1. Novice
2. Intermediate
3. Girls & Boys Cruisers
4. Girl Expert
5. Boy Expert

Based upon rider turnout we may combine groups.

The first block will drop the gate at 10:00 am. Each block will have an hour practice before the block race time. So the first block practice starts at 9:00 am.

Registration is open and online only and we cannot add/remove riders after reg closes. Please make sure to fill in all fields, including plate number.

Follow this link for Registration:

Registration closes at 5:00 pm Thursday 7/23.

We’ll post motos Friday morning, and corrections will be accepted until noon Friday 7/24. Final motos and block schedule will be posted ASAP after corrections close.

We’ll register team sheets at the event.

We need volunteers to sign up before so the track is sure to have sufficient coverage over all the blocks. We’ll only schedule 2 blocks for volunteers: the first block will cover Novice and Intermediate (groups 1&2), and the second block of volunteers covers Cruiser and Experts (groups 3, 4 & 5). Please sign up for both blocks if possible. As I get volunteers I’ll update this post with the open spots. Respond in comments here or message the track directly.

We’ll need:
a. Gate stager; 1&2 MeredithE
b. Chute stager; 1&3 HeatherR
d. Main Scorer; Dan
e. 2nd Scorer; 1 – open; 2 – open
f. 3rd Scorer; 1 – open; 2 – open
g. Corner 2 Official; 1 – open; 2 – open
h. Corner 3 Official; 1 – open; 2 – open
i. Parking; 1 – Erin
j. Parking; 1 – open; 2 – open

Thanks everyone, and we look forward to seeing you all at the track!

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